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Sarah Ross is Featured on Mud Digger Greatest Hits Vol. 3

Check out Sarah Ross's song "Knock 'Em Dead" featured on Mud Digger Greatest Hits Vol. 3!

Download + Stream HERE

Track Listing:

  1. Truck Step - Colt Ford

  2. Duramax Remix - Lenny Cooper feat. Young Gunner and Moonshine Bandits

  3. Small Town Friday Night - Cypress Spring feat. Kevin Steverson

  4. Pour Another Round - Twang and Round

  5. Give ‘Em Hell - Demun Jones feat. The Lacs and Danny Boone

  6. Ice Cold Summer - Trailer Choir feat. Colt Ford

  7. Sounds Like Whiskey - Devin Burris

  8. Keep It Redneck Remix - The Lacs feat. Cypress Spring

  9. Knock ‘Em Dead - Sarah Ross

  10. I’m From the South Remix - Amber DeLaCruz feat. Colt Ford

  11. Outshine Me Remix - Colt Ford feat. Cypress Spring

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